Saturday, February 9, 2008

Online Insurance Quote,For Guitars & Musical Instruments

Online Insurance Quote, for Musical Instruments

By Sally Anderson

Did You know you can buy Musical Instrument Insurance Coverage Online?
And you can do this from anywhere world wide.
In this world are many great collectors guitars,Amps,violins,cello's,Harps,everything from classical music to rock guitars may need to be insured.

What I am talking about, is a highly appraised instrument such as an older collectors model, or it can be a new musical instrument but worth thousands of dollars.
If they become lost, stolen or damaged you want to be sure that you're instrument is protected.

There are many great Insurance companies online or on the internet, that can give you a best quote,or a, online insurance quote.

Also you need a company whom you can trust with premiums and claims, and claims that can be paid out in your own local currency.
The best cash settlement is what you're looking for and you really need a top company who is going pan out the money and look out for your needs.
There's no use paying for insurance if you're going to get burned by that company in the future.

Their are many great companies online who have clients from all over the world and they specialize in insurance quotes and coverage for musical instruments of all kinds.
Companies like MusicGuard,Farmers Insurance Online,Lark,Anderson Group for Acoustic Guitar Insurance Program, their company who carries their insurance is called OneBeacon Insurance Group.
I found that a $125.00 premium can cover as much as $19,000 of coverage on guitars and other instruments.

My main instrument, that I love to play is a Taylor guitar so I will show you an example of guitar prices and why you should insure a great guitar.

Below is a list of Eric Claptons guitar's that he sold on auction not long ago.

1.)Fender Stratocaster ,"Blackie" Value as sold on auction $959,500.00 to the Guitar Center.
2.)1956 Fender Stratocaster, "Brownie" $497,500.00.
3.)1964 Gibson ES-335 $847,500.00
4.)1939 Martin 000-42 Acoustic Guitar close to $800,000.00
5.)1960 Gibson Less Paul Standard $200,000.00

I once tried to buy the Elvis Black Gibson guitar,which was 1 of a kind made for Elvis by Gibson, but the price on ebay went over $60,000.00 and I was priced out.
But it shows you what a great guitar own by a famous singer can go for.

Also I should say a little about brand new guitars also, with a few of the top brands of Martin,Ovation,Taylor,Breedlove acoustic guitars and top electric guitars, like Gibson,Fender who are making reissued guiitars of the old versions starting between $1,600.00 to 30,000.00 you may want to do a rethink about how much that guitar is really worth. If you're like some of my friends who own 4 or 5 guitars and each costing $2500,00 to 5000.00 then you might want to think about protecting those guitars, you have a small goldmine invested there.

Hope this article has informed you.


Voice of reason said...

Regarding the top 100 guitarists, how did you calculate the names, and where are the progressive guitarists? This list borders on the edge of blasphemy

John Sinclare the 3rd said...

The list is very solid, if you think of the best guitarist in the world as Olympic Guitar Champions,then I'm afraid Jordan Rivers may win the whole thing and he sure has a following now days.
But if we go by who's the sentimental favorite, then Eric Clapton would win.
Myself I feel the best all around guitar player is Jordan Rivers.
So do many other people. He's the future no doubt in my mind.
And the rest of the list is very solid.

Thanks John

Voice of reason said...

Hey thanks for the reply. Got limited time so I must ask quickly: Let's say this is the guitar Olympics, who would win? In normal Olympics the person with the most skill in his event walks away with the prize. No name in your top 10 (the first guy that can really compare is Kirk Hammon) have got nearly as much skill as guys like (to name only a few, as there are other unknown virtuoso's falling in the same class) John Petrucci, Yngwie Malmsteen, Steve Vai, Joe Satriani, Paul Gilbert or Michael Angelo Batio. Search these guys on Youtube if you have never heard of them before, as they are technically the fastest (though they don't just shred constantly)and most gifted guitarists, to illustrate my point, all these gents mentioned can play at over 300 bpm...that's fast. And did I read correctly? Cobain at 12? I could bring you kindergardeners who can play more challenging things than him

Voice of reason said...

Hey man I got trouble everytime I want to enter a message, I have just registered for the fourth time now, can you help out?

Okay regarding the your Olympic analogy: What criteria would you use to measure the greatest guitarist ever? I feel that no blues guy can even come close to a modern progressive virtuoso, based on the following criteria: Speed, skill, theoretical knowledge, innovation, versatility and the plain WOW! factor. In short, can you explain why Rivers, Clapton and those cats can even begin to compare to eg. Paul Gilbert or John Petrucci? In what criteria do they excel so much that they blow the fastest guitar player ever, Michael Angelo Batio out of not only the top spot and the top 100? And please, please.. Explain Kurt Cobain at 12? You can simply not argue him into any list of top guitarists because he simply wasn't good.

Voice of reason said...

Another point to drive home my case: Why has none of the top names on the list never been invited to G3?

If these names I have mentioned are new to you, I invite you to go to youtube and investigate a bit. Look at their solo's. Observe not only the great speeds, but the soulful edges brought into the songs. Be amazed at some sick stuff like Batio's "over/under technique" These guitarists are the best there is and ever was

John Sinclare the 3rd said...

First off, just days ago I heard the new Jordan Rivers CD(it's not yet released, but should be soon, A song I think was called,"Beyond The Clouds To Heaven", was maybe one of the greatest lead guitar showmanship I have ever heard, Rivers is blazing fast,yet he plays with perfect style. You talk about no blues player having this skill?
Jordan Rivers Studied Jazz and Classical in his college days.
This guy knows every inch of the guitar. I also had a chance to meet him and pasted this question, do you ever play your fastest on your cd's? He said no way, I play the music I love the most,I assume that Mr Rivers was playing at one point in that song at about 75 % speed at his fastest. He seemed so totally in control,he had much more speed to burn.
Rivers is greased lighting,And so...why he's so good, is because he plays from an acoustic guitar background.
And his blues & rock music is full of jazz leads.This guy doesn't play just pentatonic scales like modern rockers and blues guys, This guy understand jazz guitar and every major and minor and altered scale patterns in the book, and then he invented a few of his own.His guitar licks are a work of art.His rhythm is perfect, even when he sings, he rides on top of the beat.Most great guitar players can't do that when they sing,some sing a little behind the beat. But not Rivers,this guy and rock the freak'n house down singing, like Elvis of old, and his guitar is amazing.He's a superstar in the making,just watch and see.He's amazing like Stevie Ray Vaughan was, but Rivers has his own style,differnt that Vaughan's.
Like I said his acoustic playing is stunning.
If you put Rivers,on an electric guitar,he blows people away with his style,you'll never here frets buzz no matter how fast or slow he plays.But he's got the touch,and he spooks the crap out of the best guitarist in the world.And I think the reason why is he's from gospel music, not many people know of him, the world may have heard his name some, but he's a dark horse comming from far out of left field,no body is watching this guy these past years much, but they sure are taking notice now.This guys the real deal alright.
I can't wait till his new album hits the market,It has got to be one of the greatest guitar cd's of all time, loaded with electric and acoustic guitar.I know there's guitar players getting inline for this cd, they want to steal his every lick.
Next as far as Eric Clapton, he's next inline, the reason why, is he's a better acoustic guitar player, than many of the people you listed.
Remember I am talking the best all around guitarist in the world.
Do you realize some of the guys names you names can't play Rhythm guitar as good as many college players,sure they burn up the guitar with leads,but let them do more than that....They lack in those area's...(That's why I say put them on acoustic guitar) those guys are nothing but lead guitar guys, put them on an acoustic guitar, with no sound effects,and they'd sound very small sound wise, no real thinkness to they're music, they'd need more than just lead guitar runs to make their music sound full. Also I do know of the people who you speak,put Steve Vai,Joe Satriani on acoustic guitar, and you'll be displeased and shocked and at a loss for words.Why they don't play that well on them.I have heard them on acoustic they are ok, but it's just not the same.
To be on this list you had better be able to play both acoustic and electric, and the reason why? well it's simple, get rid of all the effects and lets see what they really got?
That's the Voice Of Reason
Thanks John Sinclare

P.S. don't know why you're haviung trouble getting on unless I was working on a page and the blog was down for a few minutes.I try never to block anyone.And everyones veiws are ok, as long as no one flames anyone to much.
Thanks & keep posting

John Sinclare the 3rd said...

Sorry about the spelling in the above post, it's getting late again.And I just didn't check it.
Thanks John

Voice of reason said...

Haha no need to excuse the spelling I know what late nights do to speeling and grammar :)
All respect to Rivers but blazing fast for a blues guitarist is not even metal speed.

For guitarists like Steve Vai and Satriani I would concede the fact that they are not the most soulful. (Though they do have alot of influence from Frank Zappa) However, explain to me my favourite guitarist, John Petrucci. He plays both lead and rhythm for dream theater. He has a good jazz background and in many songs he incorporates this into his sound. As you would know jazz chords are not the easiest. Also his transition from slow to fast is brilliant. When it comes to speed very few can beat him (on youtube he plays with metronome at 300bpm) and he can play slow rhythms as well. Then for Malmsteen. "Crying" is a fantastic song on his Trilogy album..where he puts his skill into play. Not fast, just slow and soulful.

Then can you clarify Cobain at 12? You have to admit that he is not even supposed to be on this list.

Oh yes. Have you ever heard about Rodrigo Y Gabriella? What's your take on them?

Looking forward to your reply. Cheers

smokenman said...

Okay, your top 100 is a very good list but it is YOUR list and I respect it and will give Jordan Rivers a listen as you obviously think very highly of him. However, I must side with "Voice Of Reason" because there's so much missing. For instance: Mick Ronson, no doubt a great player but he's playing Marc (T.Rex) Bolan's Les Paul(no mention of Marc Bolan). Lou Reed, no doubt a great artist but guitarist? You gotta be kidding! You mention Eddie Van Halen but where is Allan Holdsworth? Everyone knows he's a guitar God and that's where Eddie copped a lot of his technique. I could go on and on but not looking for debate or argument just want you to know your list is good but far from absolute.